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“To provide the best learning experience to each and
every learner, each and every time.”

Gavin Earley, Managing Director



ACT Partnership

ACT Enhance works in partnership with ACT. ACT Enhance specialise in the delivery of Essential Skills, whereas ACT (the parent company) offer many vocational and professional qualifications. The partnership is proving effective and

successful, as the learners’ needs are taken into consideration and offering the best suited qualification route to the individual. This also allows for specialist tutors/assessors to be selected for that employer and employee. For more information on ACT training please

click on the link below:

Managing Director, Gavin Earley

“I have taught for a number of years through a variety of subjects and to a diverse range of students of ability, age and background. I am a qualified as a primary and secondary school teacher, and have taught in colleges as a lecturer. I am passionate about teaching, which has driven me to create a training provider that offers a unique learning environment for adults to feel relaxed within, and to enhance their skills. I understand and appreciate that the school environment does not suit all, so ACT Enhance

has the desire to provide an opportunity for those to realise their potential, which they may have missed out on previously. I still deliver sessions myself and ensure I visit all learner groups to ensure the quality of delivery is to the maximum effectiveness. I strongly believe in our ethos that we provide the best learning experience, to each and every learner, each and every time…”

Jonathan Davies MBE, ACT Skills Ambassador

“I would urge any employers in Wales to take advantage of the range of fully-funded services on offer from ACT. In these tough economic times, it is not only difficult for youngsters to find employment, but it can also be hard for employers to afford to recruit the best staff and

to up-skill its current work force to ensure that business remains competitive in this ever changing climate. “ACT is Wales’ largest provider of apprenticeships and training and has a wealth of services that employers here in Wales can access for free; and we’re asking you to help us in our mission to train a nation, improve your business and become more socially responsible. From work experience to providing you with top apprentices and fully-funded essential skills training for up-skilling existing staff. ACT has a service for every business, big or small, and designs all its services to meet the needs of the employer. “And you’d be in good company. ACT already works with some of Wales’ leading businesses, from Admiral, Barclays and Cardiff City FC to

Asda, Legal & General and the Celtic Manor. All these businesses have given local youngsters an opportunity to learn new skills, earn a living and have given them the starting blocks to build solid careers for themselves. These same businesses have also supported their current workforce by giving them the opportunity to learn new skills and gain new qualications through ACT’s Essential Skills programme. “Giving both staff and apprentices these opportunities is essential in safeguarding the future of businesses in Wales and I hope that more businesses will take advantage of ACT’s bespoke services.”

ACT Enhance

Unit 7,
St. Davids Square,
SA1 3LG.

Tel: 01792 470 340

Managing Director

Gavin Earley


07825 285521


Essential Skills Operations Manager

Lila Lawes Davies


07809 339 215


Inspire Co-Ordinator

Rick Stratton-Thomas


07826 924 564